So there’s a girl I like, right? And all I knew was her first name and the town she lived in, right? So I tried looking for her on Facebook, as any self-respecting creeper would. And I found her, so I let the stalking commence and read what bands and such she liked. One of these bands was called Ours, fronted by a fellow named Jimmy Gnecco. I listened to him and went “oh dang he’s pretty good, this girl has good taste in music.”

But then I realized it was not the right girl! The right girl, incidentally, has terrible taste in music. Thanks to the case of mistaken identity, however, I have learned the wonders of Jimmy Gnecco and am sharing them with you. Now you won’t have to Facebook stalk anyone to find out about him! His voice reminds me a lot of the fella from Muse’s, which is perhaps odd since Mr. Gnecco is not a Brit. Oh well, this song is pretty much a guaranteed heart melter.

Bring You Home by Jimmy Gnecco on Grooveshark