Greg Weeks is a fellow that gets around, it seems. Not content with creating his own music, he also runs the Language of Stone record label, and does engineering work for some of the artists currently on it. Some may call this greed! Though he does seem to be doing a bang-up job, so I’ll let him off the hook. FOR NOW.

Any way, if my incoherent rambling was not enough of an indicator, Lights is represented on the aforementioned label, and Weeks did indeed provide some engineering prowess for their self-titled EP. Aside from that, I really have no idea what this group is all about, aside from a couple of lines on the Language of Stone website (and good luck navigating that one). All I know is that this song is rather pleasant (if repetitive), and features some soothing tones and harmonies from what I assume are pretty ladies before tricking you by going a bit heavy, and then BACK to soothing. Oh those crafty musicians!