I wish I was better at writing heartfelt sorts of things, but unless you know Jiminy Cricket, that isn’t going to happen. So anyway, one of my favorite singers died a few days ago and that is just not awesome at all. Jason Molina, from Songs: Ohia and The Magnolia Electric Co., died at the entirely too young age of 39. While I’m happy that he’s left us with so many great albums, I’m sad that he won’t be able to leave us with anymore.

A lot of his music would definitely fall into the “depressing” category, which incidentally is one of my favorite categories. It perhaps makes his alcohol-related death more likely to predict, but this sort of thing always comes as a surprise to me.

You can stream his entire catalog here, and if you like this song, you should. I’ll be sure to post more of his songs on here later, and not sure why I haven’t really.

I've Been Riding With The Ghost by Songs: Ohia on Grooveshark