It’s unofficially video game week here on either/or, which explains why Christophe Heral is getting quite a plug at the moment. Ubisoft is a company that has both irritated the crap out of me and also crafted some truly amazing games, most of which are accompanied with great music. Such is the joy of a French video game company, I guess.

Anyway, Heral is behind the music of many of the Ubisoft games I like, this one coming from one called Rayman Origins. It is quite a whimsical and spirited game too, and the music fits right in. The only unfortunate thing with the soundtrack version of this tune as opposed to the game itself, is that during the level with this track, Rayman has the opportunity to run across what can only be described as a pan flute snake. While doing so, music plays in time to the soundtrack; it’s quite a lovely sound that I can’t find a video for!