Indie artists, we love you. You’re totally the reason why either/or and websites like it exist: in amongst posts about the Foo Fighters or Radiohead, there is a metric truckload of musical gold from all the independent artists that have sent us songs over the years.

Amanda Zelina, of the Coppertone, has a bit of a problem. Her catalogue of songs is currently stuck with a record label that she backed away from, after a less than wonderful contractual agreement finished. So, unless she forks over $20,000 to them, they’ll own her work.

That is total balls!

Enter IndieGoGo. Amanda has recorded a new song for you all to listen to (and it’s brilliant too), and if you dig it, you can throw some money at her campaign to reclaim what’s rightfully hers. Yep, you are directly helping the artist, and I can think of nothing more rad than that.