The lyrics are so beautiful – not your typical love song. – Sarah

Yes folks, it’s time for a week of guest song submissions! Because it went so darn well last time, and because my friends like to sometimes have a chuckle at my expense (best friends forever, right guys????). There’ll be a sentence from each person who submits it as well, which means less work for me!

Anyway, here is OneRepublic. I accidentally typed Old Republic when I was searching for this song, thinking that maybe they were inspired by Star Wars or something. But nope, it is just another band that totally digs solidarity (One Direction; OneRepublic; and so on). To Sarah’s credit, it ain’t too bad: it’s kind of got a four chord thing going though, and it also feels like I should be watching someone’s wedding video right now, with a sun-drenched background and a teary-eyed montage of getting ready for the big day. Because romance!

Marchin On by One Republic on Grooveshark