Many of Smith’s songs are rather special for me, but this one especially so. Why? Back in 2004-05, I had met an aspiring level designer and music aficionado called Hugh. Wise as he is, he introduced me to the previously unheard music of Elliott Smith via a song called A Fond Farewell.

To say I was hooked would, perhaps, be an understatement.

I was introduced to his wonderful writing abilities, his elegant compositional talents and a remarkable form of introverted expression. This is the song that kickstarted it all: it led to a comprehensive dive into his back catalogue; it led to this blog; and it led to a deeper appreciation of true beauty within music. I don’t particularly mind if other people don’t have the same reaction to his music that I do. The real value of music comes in whatever the listener gets out of it, after all. It is, however, important to remember that music is an art form, not just a soulless revenue stream, and Smith’s work is the perfect embodiment of that sentiment.

A Fond Farewell by Elliott Smith on Grooveshark