Ah, Bob Dylan. We have somehow skirted around him by mentioning stuff like the Traveling Wilburys and other artists that sound like him, but never a dedicated post. Why? Well, because I’m woefully ignorant about his music! So, let’s fix that little issue, shall we?

Here is Hurricane, a song that generated it’s fair share of controversy upon its release in 1975. It was written in protest against the jailing of American boxer, Rubin “Hurricane” Carter, who at the time was accused of murder and subject to a great deal of racial profiling. Dylan met with Hurricane while he was incarcerated and wrote the song in support. And boy, did Dylan write one hell of a song! A nearly 9 minute opus, it’s toe-tappingly brilliant, chock full of Dylan-isms like that syncopated singing style, lyrics that tell a story, and compulsively catchy chorus hook. So, welcome to either/or, Mr. Dylan!

Hurricane by Bob Dylan on Grooveshark