In my years as a wee lad, I was fairly well acclimated with the work of composer John Williams: given the steady diet of films from Messrs Spielberg and Lucas, it was somewhat inevitable. I then grew up a little bit and scoffed at the perceived ‘sameyness’ of Williams’ output. “All his stuff sounds the same!”, I’d shout at people, most of whom would go on to dislike me, for some weird reason. I then grew up a lot and realised that achieving the aural and compositional flair of Williams’ work was an utterly incredible feat. This rather divine enlightenment hit once I cottoned onto the fact that, despite that earlier, ill-conceived notion of ‘sameyness’, I could distinctly recount and name a whole bunch of the various themes he’s composed over his extensive career.

As such, this week we celebrate the iconic output of Mr. John Williams! Like our other theme weeks, this is all about giving you, dear reader, a delectable taste of what the artist is all about – so it ain’t no ‘best of’ week. So sit back, relax, and enjoy the work of one of the most talented composers working today.