Let us uplift the mood in here, shall we? But let’s not go nuts: we don’t want a Ferris Bueller-esque dance party breaking out. I don’t have the space for that! And my neighbours will voice complaints in a most irritated (and irritating) manner.

Here is a song by a fellow by the name of Ryan O’Reilly who plays in a band called, coincidentally, Ryan O’Reilly. But enough of my ribbing: it’s an intensely charming guitar and piano driven pop track, with just the merest, tiniest hint of hip-hop in the form of a solid back beat. A very lovely and spirited ditty indeed, that will surely make you feel just that little bit warmer, particularly in that special region inside you that tends to beat rather incessantly when you see someone pretty (your heart, for all those smutty people out there thinking otherwise!).