Hahaha, what a coincidence! Radiohead wrote a song called Spectre, and there’s a James Bond film out now with the same name! Those silly Brits. Wait, this was written for the film? Well I never…

Radiohead sprung a surprise on us all by confirming rumours that they were approached to write the title song for Spectre. Apparently, it didn’t work out, but they’ve released the song anyway. While the critical reception to Smith’s track is mixed at best (I didn’t mind it, but it doesn’t hold a candle to Skyfall), it certainly feels more like a Bond tune than Radiohead’s offering. Having said that, this is a Radiohead track through and through, with a sound that feels like it could sit comfortably between the Kid A and Amnesiac albums: haunting, mesmerising and a sort darkly rich elegance that I’ve kind of missed from Radiohead of late. Absolutely wonderful, you strange British lads.

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