Posted in: May 2016

Album art

I think it’s time to shake up this ol’ bloggy blog thing with some new posts! Am I right? Anyone?

To the two people still reading, here’s a tune that’s guaranteed and certified to be fresh. I will have a very stern word to my friend (who’s in this group) if it is not the case! Allow me to introduce Saint Abbé, a Sydney-based group with tunes that flirt very sensually with funk, hip-hop and good ol’ fashioned alternative rock to create something delightfully smooth but still quite vivid.

Album art

2016 has been an abysmally depressing year for music. To lose so many prominent, larger than life artists in such quick succession and at ages that that felt like there was so much more to come from them is truly heartbreaking. Unfortunately, we’ve had to do it all over again with the passing of Prince earlier this year.

Prince’s flamboyance and showmanship were matched by his infectious and varied musical output, which is exhibited beautifully in this wholly epic, sweeping track. He was a true talent, one of the truest to ever grace this world, and one that will continue to inspire and mesmerise artists and audiences to come.