OH MY GOD, THE AVALANCHES ARE BACK! ‘Tis the season for musical resurgence it seems, what with Radiohead releasing an altogether spiffing new track (and album) that I’ve yet to post about because I am quite the dunderhead, and now with the Avalanches FINALLY announcing that a new album is out next month! Oh happy days!

For the uninitiated or those who have forgotten, the Avalanches are an Australian electronic outfit, known for releasing only one, supremely excellent album in 2000 and then vanishing without a peep for many, many years. News of a follow-up album always persisted, and the flood gates have now finally broken! Here is the first single from the new album, which seems to carry the air of a Parov Stelar track, but more importantly, it suggests that something pretty awesome is on its way come July 8…

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