Posted in: April 2017

Have you ever been, like, “Man, the Martha Reeves and the Vandella’s classic, Nowhere to Run, sure is a bonafide hit, but dang, I just wish it were more epic!”? If so, you’re a bit odd. But since this is the 21st century and everything old is new again, WE HAVE YOU COVERED. Or, more accurately, Boga has you covered, with this… remix? Reimagining? Either way, it’s undeniably funky and undeniably powerful, so wrap your ears around it and get grooving.

george (and, by extension, Katie Noonan, who fronted the group) deserve far more prominence and fame than what they currently have. For one, the music is astoundingly good, and two, Katie Noonan’s voice is heavenly. Case in point: this single from their debut album, Polyserena, released in 2002, which is a mesmerising pop/lounge ballad. Heartfelt, striking and soulful, it’s perfect for those sleepy, rainy days and nights when you’re feeling just a tad bit blue!

george is mostly dormant these days, but they had a decent following in their home country of Australia back in the day. Noonan has thankfully pushed on with a solo career, but we here in Australia have done the traditional ‘dismissal of home grown talent’, for… reasons I guess?