Posted in: January 2018

Sometimes, I drop draft posts into the either/or machine with the intention to write about them later. Usually, I’ll put a link to a song or something so that, you know, I remember what I wanted to post about. All I did for Martha Tilston was save her name as a draft post… AND THAT’S IT. Dangit past me, that is super not helpful! I don’t even remember how I stumbled onto her music in the first place, but that just means I get to rediscover her lovely, folky-twangy songwriting style that evokes a lovely, autumnal feeling.

Holy cow, it’s 2018! When did that happen? Who snuck it in here when I wasn’t looking? Oh well, it’s here and I’m determined to get it started right! So, let’s pep it up with a… haunting, emotional track… from 2017. I… dangit. I am bad at this!

Daughter went ahead and created a soundtrack album to the game Life is Strange: Before the Storm, which is a graphic adventure about a girl who can rewind time. Which seems pretty rad! As per usual though, Daughter have come through with the supremely sumptuous goods, dishing out this beautifully powerful track.