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Funk has seen a resurgence of late, mostly owing to trendy hipsters and their love of things that aren’t brand spanking new. Bemoan them if you must, but if it’s bringing us stuff like Tuxedo and their brand of fresh, unbelievably danceable funk/neo soul, then who are we to complain?

This unashamedly has its roots in the 70s and I am very ok with that! No doubt that anyone that was a fan of Uptown Funk (so, everyone) will dig this ditty – it has a very similar, energetic but not overbearing, sense of coolness.

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Do you like songs that remind you of the life you spent as a child in the countryside? The sky never changing from the vivid pink of sunset, the cool breeze ruffling through the tall fields of golden wheat and your hair, as your soared gloriously from the tire swing hanging from that old oak tree? No? Man, I’ve made myself wistful for a time I just completely made up, but dangit, that’s where this supremely beautiful and heartfelt song will take you.

Anna Atkinson hails from the far too talented land of Canada, where she brings us a whole mess of sparsely instrumented, but elegant tunes that I guess could be considered dark folk. It’ll pluck you right in the feels, I tells ya!

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Our friends over at Kill Rock Stars have recently re-released Elliott Smith’s third record, either/or (hmm, now where have I heard that name before), in a brand spanking new edition with a bunch of new content. Now, I say friends but we’ve never met or had any interaction, but I’m sure that if we did, we’d get on like an old, happily married couple.

either/or marked the start of Smith’s push into more sonically layered music, which this track demonstrates aptly. It’s incredibly catchy, but it never loses sight of what makes his music so damn special: his incredible lyrical and compositional ability to tap right into your heart.

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I dedicate this post to Hugh because a) he’s not writing on the site currently and b) he left it in drafts as a blank post. I will do my best to channel my inner Hugh, because he is a lovely lad and ought to be channelled more often? Ok, none of this makes sense, so let’s talk about the music instead!

I did not expect Hugh to be into this kind of swanky good time. He is into swanky good times, but I figured he wouldn’t use this kind of jam at it. But what do I know? This is a rollickingly grand piece of electro-swing that’ll get you all peppy and spunky!

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Mmm boppity bop! I am all for trying to get into a better mood as of late. Not that it’s easy to be all sunshine and lollipops, but sometimes it’s nice to feel good! I get nothing but good time feels from Tom Lark’s peppy music – super fun pop hooks get nicely accentuated by a dash of crunchy, alternative guitar work and a wee bit of electronic accoutrements. It kind of reminds me of Hotel Lights’ Marvelous Truth, a song I have not yet posted about because… reasons? I dunno. Regardless! This song is great and so is the rest of his eponymous EP, so go set your ears loose on it, now!

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Guys, I think we can all agree that 2016 has been a bit sucky. In particular, last week was just… yeesh. But hey folks, let me tell you a story. Last week, on the night of that… result, I went out to an improv comedy show and had many laffs. I went to a bar afterwards, where the patrons were all united under a song request night – all sorts of music flowed and everybody had a great time. Come closing time, one of the bartenders announced that the last song was what we all needed that night, and promptly started this one. And he was totally right! We all got into a circle – friends, strangers, staff – and sang our little hearts out.

Without getting all wishy-washy with feelings, it just proves that animosity can only stretch so far. So if you’re feeling blue, I highly recommend getting into a circle and letting two lions, a meerkat and a wart hog serenade you.

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It’s deeply humbling that there are folk artists who have had such a huge impact on the world. Though their output seemingly flies in the face of what is considered ‘popular’, they have inspired millions of artists, poets, musicians and those that seek to grow their understanding of the world.

Leonard Cohen really needs no introduction. His wonderfully innate ability to tap into the core of humanity and deliver an utterly heartfelt, honest and moving piece will undoubtedly echo throughout the ages, inspiring many for time immemorial.

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Bit of rock with the teeniest, tiniest bit of country thrown in? Yes please! How about a catchy, pop-oriented hook for a chorus? Bung it on in! Terrence Jack brings us this gloriously catchy pop-rock number while also looking like the Canadian version of Hugh Jackman’s Wolverine. Which is a plus!

Musically, this feels a little bit like Bernard Fanning mixed with a dash of Harvey Danger for taste. Supremely listenable, my Canadian pal!

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Pale Honey has a sound that I can only describe as Joan Jett by way of Swedish electro-pop. Which sounds like ten pure helpings of ridiculous, but I submit that that combination is definitively awesome – why would you possibly say no? Of course you wouldn’t so wrap your ears around this.

Pale Honey are a Swedish alt. rock duo with a crunchy, ‘take no shit’ attitude. This lil’ track is relatively simple, but it’s full of spunk and grit – from the drawn out vocals to the collection of percussive and electronic elements riding in the background, it’s a sure fire good time!

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Sometimes, you get a little “POW!” from music; a spark that kicks you in the keister, runs up your spine and starts tap dancing in your head. Or, to put it in far less stupid terms, sometimes music just makes you go “Oooo, that’s pretty sweet!”. So with any lucky, here is some rad Swedish electro-pop that’ll hopefully give you that reaction!

There’s a big ol’ mix of crazy, punchy drumming contrasted with soothing electronic drones and wrapped up with some wild vocal work that kind of gives this tune a bit of a modern jazz feel. Something about that mix of craziness and relaxation is certainly zapping me in the keister right now!

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