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Every now and then, a more traditional bit of country music will drop into my lap (or ears, rather) and hit me in just the right way. This is one of those times, and what a treat it is! Jace Everett is possibly better known for Bad Things , the theme song for the show about sexy vampires, but since I don’t watch the show, I have never heard of him before.

Anyway, ol’ Everett brings some great country twang without the stereotypical sappiness: quite smokey but superbly catchy at the same time. It’s a great road-tripping song, and it kind of reminds me of the music for Firefly, the greatest cancelled TV show of all time.

Unfortunately, all I’ve got media wise is an Amazon stream, but for 99 cents you really can’t go wrong: just buy it!

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It’s time for a hoedown! Here is a good ‘ol bit of folkish madness that also throws in a bit of pop in the middle of it because why not. It’s saturated in fiddle playing and lyrics about the devil and its golden fiddle. There’s really nothing to hate about any of this, and there’s even a badass metal version of it, in case you are immune to call of the wild fiddle.

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The Devil Went Down to Georgia by The Charlie Daniels Band on Grooveshark

The former Idol has a new tale to tell. – Micaela

Ah, all those winners of Australian Idol have become super popular and respected musicians, haven’t they? Turns out, those reality talent shows have as much bearing on musical success as singing to yourself in the shower does.

Buffalo Tales is the new incarnation of Wes Carr, winner of Idol in 2008. Out of the very few artists that I can recall that came from that junk, Carr is one that I hoped would go beyond studio-mandated rubbish. And he has! This is a wonderful, striped-back tune, brimming with country/folk goodness; it’s beautifully heartfelt, and a total hoot at the same time.

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The Indelicates are a band from Britain that I really should have written about here a while ago, as I’ve loved all their albums. My new favorite of theirs is called David Koresh Superstar and it’s a concept album about Texas and the Waco siege and oh man, it’s good stuff. It’s the only album that will ever have a song called “The Ballad of the ATF,” and certainly the only album that will make that a good song. Anyway, this song is about David Koresh. Who knew the British could make such excellent country music about Texas? Most of their songs are rock-based, but this album is all over the place (in a good way).

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The Road From Houston to Waco by The Indelicates on Grooveshark

Supergroups, man. How could they possibly represent the combined talents of their respective members? Most of them don’t end up doing that, and they’re mostly resigned to either sounding a lot like one of its member’s songs, or just inherently simple. This song kind of skews to the latter, but it’s so darn wonderful at the same time that I dare not judge it.

In case you’re unaware, this is probably the greatest supergroup in the history of supergroups: George Harrison, Tom Petty, Roy Orbison, Bob Dylan and Jeff Lynne. I’m not entirely sure how’d you’d trump a supergroup like that. Sadly, their time in the sun was fleeting: Orbison passed away soon after their inception, and Harrison is, of course, no longer with us either. Still, it’s a lesson in quality over quantity: they gave us this song and others in a two-year lifespan, whereas I’ve been writing on either/or for years and all I’ve produced is crap!

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Handle With Care by Traveling Wilburys on Grooveshark

Twitter informed the either/or account that perhaps it would enjoy following @birdtoprey, the handle of New York-based but Australian-born folk songstress Sarah Turk. Twitter clearly wasn’t aware that either/or is not a sentient being, and is in fact, run by humans. Check mate, social media!

After begrudgingly, partially accepting the advice of the Twitter robot, I discovered that Bird to Prey play some pretty mean folk-y, alternative country. There is no part of that musical pot that I wouldn’t heartily chug right on down, so here we are! This is one charmingly catchy tune, simple in scope but a whole bag of fun. Twitter, it seems you are good for something!

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Sharron Kraus reminds me a little of Neko Case: similar, country-tinged melodies and vocals, but my goodness this is one heck of an uneasy sounding song. I can’t even remember the last song that skeeved me out this much, but it’s so darn interesting at the same time, given that it lifts itself out of the gloom at the end. The uplift is made so much more wonderful too, given what preceeds it. A most intriguing composition, I must say, and one that you should try and stick with at least once. My interest is certifiably piqued, Ms. Kraus!

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After being understandably shocked about Jason Molina’s passing, I figured it was best to give him a little tribute with a second song from Magnolia Electric Co..

This is possibly my favourite of his tunes, and a favourite song in general: it’s absolutely drenched in style and mood, evoking the mystery of a desert at night far better than anything I could ever write. Coupled with some amazing, evocative lyrics (♫ Mamma, here comes midnight, with the dead moon in its jaws, one of my most loved lyrics ever), you’ve got a recipe for utter brilliance.

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After the smorgasbord of country music that featured in my bit of either/or’s best of 2012 post, you’d think I’d be up for a reprieve this year. No such luck! If anything, I’m pretty damn consistent.

Today’s spot of country comes from a chap called Andrew Bird, and like all great country music, it’s mournful, pretty, and sung with an amazing elegance. More please!

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Everyone loves some gorgeous, country-flavoured folk sung with a spectacular voice, right? I humbly submit that you suck if that’s not the case! This is heavenly and tender-sweet, and with just the right amount of flair and individuality to pull it out of the more pure country doldrums. What’s more, it’s sung by a very pretty lady: I’d sure like to run away with her!

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Run Away by Sarah Jarosz on Grooveshark