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Australia! Home of many things, including little ol’ me. Also home to many fine musicians, of which I certifiably do not post enough about! So, allow me to introduce you to the quite new Tulane with their quite lovely tune, But I Say. I get quite a Daughter vibe from this track. Daughter is ok, I guess. I mean, it’s not like I said I’d marry one of their songs if it were physically manifested as a girl. That’d be crazy!

Seeing as how I am totally just ok with Daughter and not completely fixated on them, I find myself in a similar situation with Tulane. How can I not be? There’s most certainly a lovely warmth and gentleness to this track that belies the “miserable” tag that’s been applied to it on Soundcloud.

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Oh, how I do love when music punctuates a mood better than words can. Not that I need an assassin right now or anything – possibly a timely example of how sucky words can be, sometimes!

Anyway, this is some more Junip, and we all know what that means: heavenly sounding alternative folk, the kind that might bring a tear of joy or sadness to your eye. It is a wide-open choice! And since I’m in charge of my eyes, I’m going to go with a combination of both.

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Now, here’s something quite delightful and interesting. Delightful because since when is happy folk anything but delightful; and interesting because it does it in a way that isn’t the same as every other happy folk song ever. It is, perhaps, the bees knees, though I do wonder what is meant by that phrase. Is there something outstanding about the knees of a bee? Regardless, this is charming as all heck, so I deem it to be the worthy recipient of many bees knees.

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Every now and then, you happen upon a piece of music that just seems to resonate perfectly with you. It is almost always circumstantial: there is no guarantee that the same circumstances will align themselves again in order to have the same impact at some other point in your life. Yes, I am being overly sentimental and sappy, but boy, this tune is undeniably beautiful.

A Necklace of Wrens is a poem written by the late Irish poet, Michael Hartnett. It is sung here with sincerity and grace in its original Irish, accompanied simply by a piano and strings. Should there be a time in your life where a piece like this is able to resonate with you, be thankful for it, no matter what else is being hurled at you.

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What a delightful collection of tunes I’ve enjoyed this evening! Thanks to my real-life work colleagues and their birthday gift to me, I was able to treat myself to Camera Obscura’s Desire Lines and Nick Drake’s Pink Moon on vinyl. Both albums are chock full of wonderful tunes, which made it quite difficult to choose which one to post about. But I’ve gone for Place to Be, as it is one of my favourite Nick Drake tunes.

It’s the kind of song that eases you away from difficult situations, as, like all of Drake’s songs, it is just effortlessly, and hauntingly, beautiful. It’s nothing but his voice and his guitar, but is saturated with the kind of style and warmth that studio engineering just can’t match. Time to go wile away the rest of the evening with this!

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Ah, Bob Dylan. We have somehow skirted around him by mentioning stuff like the Traveling Wilburys and other artists that sound like him, but never a dedicated post. Why? Well, because I’m woefully ignorant about his music! So, let’s fix that little issue, shall we?

Here is Hurricane, a song that generated it’s fair share of controversy upon its release in 1975. It was written in protest against the jailing of American boxer, Rubin “Hurricane” Carter, who at the time was accused of murder and subject to a great deal of racial profiling. Dylan met with Hurricane while he was incarcerated and wrote the song in support. And boy, did Dylan write one hell of a song! A nearly 9 minute opus, it’s toe-tappingly brilliant, chock full of Dylan-isms like that syncopated singing style, lyrics that tell a story, and compulsively catchy chorus hook. So, welcome to either/or, Mr. Dylan!

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Hurricane by Bob Dylan on Grooveshark

Holy crap, either/or got redesigned! Also, holy crap, there’s a new post! But enough of that, let’s talk about one of America’s (the band, not the country) most famous songs.

The group seem to have the market on classic, road tripping Americana music cornered, which is perfectly encapsulated by this tune. It’s so darn iconic, much like their other, equally iconic tunes.

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I fell in love with this song (and the music video) ages ago. And so did millions of other people, considering the video has clocked up a monumental 25 million views. While there’s far worse things on YouTube with equal or more views, we’ll chalk it up to some people having good taste and a proclivity for hitting repeat.

This is a very sweet and tender song, with the most perfect video to compliment it. Oren Lavie is an Israel singer (amongst other things) who really ought to release more music! 2007 marked his first (and currently only) release, The Opposite Side of the Sea (from which this song features), and I have absolutely no idea whether or not he’s still doing anything, musically speaking. It certainly would be a grand loss if he weren’t, so get cracking, Lavie!

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It’s safe to say that I’ve just become a big fan of Junip. There is not one dud track on the two albums worth of music that I’ve heard from them so far: it just boils down to choosing one to pimp here on either/or.

Here is one of their latest, self-titled release. Like yesterday’s, it’s slick and undeniably cool, but it’s all graced with González’s serene vocals. Heavenly!

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It’s pretty much assured that I’m going to like whatever endeavour José González lends his considerable talents to. Case in point: this band, which he fronts with Tobias Winterkorn. Not that I know who that is, or expect you to. Just saying that it’s not just him!

My rambling aside, it’s actually a rather important distinction to make. While anyone who knows González’s music would immediately latch onto the fact that it’s his vocals and guitar in this song, it’s a far more uptempo and slicker presentation than his usual modus operandi would gift us. It is quite fantastic!

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