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The lyrics are so beautiful – not your typical love song. – Sarah

Yes folks, it’s time for a week of guest song submissions! Because it went so darn well last time, and because my friends like to sometimes have a chuckle at my expense (best friends forever, right guys????). There’ll be a sentence from each person who submits it as well, which means less work for me!

Anyway, here is OneRepublic. I accidentally typed Old Republic when I was searching for this song, thinking that maybe they were inspired by Star Wars or something. But nope, it is just another band that totally digs solidarity (One Direction; OneRepublic; and so on). To Sarah’s credit, it ain’t too bad: it’s kind of got a four chord thing going though, and it also feels like I should be watching someone’s wedding video right now, with a sun-drenched background and a teary-eyed montage of getting ready for the big day. Because romance!

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Marchin On by One Republic on Grooveshark

Today’s (thankfully final) tune comes from Sarah, and it’s… well… something! It reminded me a little of Parov Stelar and The Lonely Island, so I went off and listened to some of their work after watching this. So thanks for that!

This video has a DeLorean in it, but it sure as hell doesn’t go back in time (a MANDATORY action for this vehicle). The lyrics that start this song was also my question for the entirety of the video, so if you like crazy visuals with some kind of music behind it, then enjoy and then please get help afterwards!

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Today’s track comes from Megan. Today is also the day I realise that this may have been a terrible idea! So I guess this song is kind of romantic? Though it sounds like there’s a panting dog in the background, so who knows what’s going on in there. It reminds me of mid-nineties Peter Andre. Oh, and this guy. I can only assume this song came about in the same way, and probably used for the same reasons!

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Miss Right by Ne-Yo on Grooveshark

So I decided to take a song suggestion from each of my colleagues who are at work this week, listen to them and post about it, no matter what they are. I may regret this! Today’s song comes from Kim and it certainly ain’t half bad: it’s a sweet and simple little pop ballad, performed by a group that got their name from a PJ Harvey album. While their music doesn’t seem to reflect Harvey’s, it still seems pretty rad!

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Dreamer by Uh Huh Her on Grooveshark