Take rock, add cellos – what do you have? Cello rock… come on! Or in this specific case, Matson Jones. I suppose it’s technically cello-based rock since there’s still a bassist, but cello-based rock sounds more like an organism than a style of music. That said, I’m not going to proclaim to be extremely well-versed (or even versed at all, for that matter) with cello rock, but since I do proclaim to know good music when I hear it, I hereby proclaim Matson Jones to be good music.

Enough of my poorly-worded descriptions and general tomfooleries: my proclamation is enough! These three tracks should be enough to whet your proverbial appetite for cello rock; I would apologize for the low bitrate, but they’re full songs and the recording wasn’t particularly high-quality to begin with.


From Matson Jones
A Bit Of Arson Never Hurt Anyone (MP3, 835KB)
Italian Song (MP3, 1.0MB)
He Means Nothing, My Dear (MP3, 2.1MB)