When I hear the term “compilation album,” my thoughts tend to vacillate between infomercials and improv bits ridiculing such infomercials. However, when I hear the term “compilation album” in conjunction with Kill Rock Stars, my ears perk up (figuratively speaking). Not only do they consistently sign great artists, including such notables as Elliott Smith and The Decemberists, but the name of the label describes the artists they sign: ones who have more talent than ego.

Going back to my original topic of a KRS compilation album, there’s a brand-spanking new one by the name of The Sound The Hare Heard. Due to its sheer awesomeness, I felt compelled to download just about every gosh-danged MP3 KRS offers… and you shall reap the benefits!

First up is Imaad Wasif, better-known as a touring member of Yeah Yeah Yeahs or the leader of Alaska!. What fascinates me is that although I never particularly cared for either of those bands, his solo music is utterly magnificent. Although comparing him to Elliott Smith would inevitably be doing a disservice to both, there are enough similarities that it must be mentioned. From the lovely, mellow acoustic guitar to the brilliant vocals to the tragically beautiful lyrics (such as “I’ve been trying to maintain / But it’s always in vain / And I’m already gone”)… my goodness. I think I’m in love.


From Imaad Wasif
Out In The Black – (MP3, 3 MB)