If my last few posts have been any indication, my roots rock kick has been replaced by an intelligent-indie kick. I guess that’s what listening to the same Neko Case song 30 times in a row does to you. I guess listening to any song 30 times in a row is bad news, but I digress.

Bill Ricchini plays some of the most delightfully muted pop songs to ever grace my ears, channeling musicians as varied as Chris Isaak and Joseph Arthur. OK, maybe that’s not that varied, but the point is that Bill makes some seriously awesome songs that are occasionally reminiscent of some of the finer modern songwriters.

If you were thinking about streaming these songs, you’ll have to download them instead as they’re zipped.


From Tonight I Burn Brightly
She Don’t Come Around Here No More – (Zipped MP3, 5.7 MB)
Cold Comfort – (Zipped MP3, 4.5 MB)