If you get excited when you hear the words “Eastern European Folk”, and have a thing for reckless fiddles and poor English, perhaps you are hanging around the types of people your mother warned you about. Also, you may like Gogol Bordello.

These guys have released a good amount of material, but their latest offering is by far the most consistent. From Sally to Mishto! (I seem to be posting a lot of stuff that has exclamation marks), the pacing is flawless. Perhaps Eugene Hutz’ vocals or his new takes on language (undestructable?) may grate on you, but damned if they don’t have a lot of energy.


From Gypsy Punks Underdog World Strike
Start Wearing Purple – (MP3, 3.5 MB)

From Multi Kontra Culti vs. Irony
When the Trickster Starts A-Poking (Bordello Kind of Guy) – (MP3, 4.8 MB)