Continuing on from Eva Cassidy, we move into more modern times with the acclaimed Norah Jones. It’s not often that America gives Grammy’s to artists who actually deserve it, but I guess there’s a time for everything. Norah took home an impressive amount of them back in 2002 (I think) with her first album Come Away With Me.

But uh oh, mainstream appeal? Never fear folks, I’m here to give Norah the official either/or seal of approval thanks to a very smooth, silky voice, beautiful songs and some great lyrics. While I don’t confess myself to be knowledgable on all things concerning jazz, I knows what I likes and I do likes this! Tunes such as Feelin’ the Same Way and Nightengale give us listeners a taste of something just a tad bit more uptempo, while tunes like Come Away With Me and The Nearness of You strip it back down to something that’s quite intimate and pleasing.

And she’s a cutie. 😉 <3

Unfortunately, thanks to the crappiness that is flash, you’ve have to navigate to the Media page on Norah’s website to check out some of her songs.