Let’s tie things in together, shall we? This 10 minute long collaboration between Guignol and Nanuchka does a good job of sounding a lot longer. Plus we’ve got Jack Terricloth (of World/Inferno, et al, though his real name is Pete) sounding in for a duet on Captain Sensible Calling.

Anyway. This kicks off with a familiar Guignol tune, but with some delicious female vocals (in Hebrew) laid over it. This works surprisingly well, though it’ll confuse your friends if you put it on in the car (I know this from experience). We then get some random instrumention, a right rocking track, and the duet of which I have already spoken.

Nanuchka claims to have a more reasonable length record out, but damned if I’ve been able to find a way to get it. They’ve got some other tracks available at their site, but they are mostly embedded in flash, so good luck! Since Red is one of them though, I have kindly provided you with a tasting right here.


From Drink the Best Wine First
Red – (MP3, 2.9 MB)