During a moment of recent self-reflection brought on by little more than boredom, I realized I’m not posting enough music from Oregon. Goodness knows we make enough of the stuff. First up is Pseudosix, a three-piece lo-fi indie band from Portland, who recently played a free concert with both Quasi and The Minders. The last (or should I say only?) time I saw Quasi and The Minders, the opening band was Pan Tourismos, who, while not bad, were not nearly good as Pseudosix. And I had to pay for that concert! I am consoled with both their lovely tunes and the idea that three great bands have gotten together and played a free concert.


From Days Of Delay
Run Rebel – (MP3, 3.7 MB)
Center, Empty Circle – (MP3, 2.2 MB)
Hey Revenge – (MP3, 2.8 MB)
Hollow Abyss – (MP3, 3.4 MB)