Seems like we’ve all got a taste for the French this month: this is our second (not the third!!) French artist for this month. Anyhoo, I found Camille through random stumblings on the Interwebs and thought I’d check out the album for you lovely people. Although I’ve classified this post as Pop, it’s really more like Minimalist pop. Camille employs instruments sparingly: most of the time, it’s a piano, a double bass and her voice. Speaking of her voice, she uses it in some pretty strange ways to act as a background to her singing. Pretty crazy! The singing itself is very smooth and pleasing on the ‘ol ears.

Since I don’t understand French, I can’t really comment on the lyrical content, but I can say that the tunes are enjoyable and meaningful (as in, it doesn’t sound like pop produced for the sake of being pop). As the Hughster mentioned in his Mansfield.TYA post, “you don’t have to understand the language to know that this is some damn good music.”

Right on, brother, right on!

From Le Fil
Ta Douleur – (Music Video)
Au Port – (Music Video)