In an effort to stay diverse, either/or presents… another French artist. It seems that we’ve all got the hankering for some fine French music lately: I’ve no idea when it’ll stop. Anyhoo, I present for you today Coralie Clément, an artist that I really couldn’t find a lot of info for. Her latest release Bye bye beauté is an adorable foray into the world of pop, in the sense that it doesn’t sound trashy, like most pop does these days. Instead, Coralie’s charming vocals blend nicely with the cool, pop-rock stylings of her music. And she’s cute!

I can’t really say I have a point of reference to compare her with (having not listened to Keren Ann yet), but I can definitely say that her music isn’t like Camille’s, or Emilie Simon’s. Vocally, I guess you could compare her to Simon, but while Simon’s music has a harshness and an edge to it, Coralie’s tunes are more ‘natural’ (tunes like Lenfer (my favourite on this album!) and Un beau jour pour mourir: there’s no electronic stylings, unlike Simon). She doesn’t shy away from the quieter tunes either, with some very beautiful, simple tracks (such as Gloria and Beau fixe).

It seems that everytime I find a new French artist, they become my new favourite French artist, which is certainly the case this time. Sorry, Camille!

From Bye bye beauté
Bye bye beauté – (Music video, Windows Media Stream)
Lenfer – (Flash, integrated into the page)

Sorry about the lousy media peeps, it’s the best I could do! There’s always if you crave more before diving fully in.