For some reason, there are three things that are quite popular in indie: Sweden, Canada, and bands made up of other bands. Henri Fabergé And The Adorables satisfies the latter two of those requirements with their Canadianness (not a word) and members from Born Ruffians and The Bicycles, among others. They have an alluring ability to mix catchy indie-pop with some of the most hilarious sex-related lyrics in the history of sex-related lyrics. In case I somehow have to prove my point, they have a song called Rub & Suck & Tug (‘Til My Vacation’s Over), and then one called Afternoon Delights, which is my favorite one lyrically: “I would love for you to get me off, even once or twice is enough, but then honeysugar, I must be gettin’ hoooome!” That line might not get me anywhere with the ladies, but at least it’s good for a chuckle.


From Henri Fabergé And The Adorables
Crawl Back – (MP3, 3.3 MB)
O! Ella – (MP3, 6.1 MB)