I’m not entirely sure where I heard of Abigail Grush, but she’s another good singer making strange music from Portland. She goes more places musically than you usually hear on a single album, which is a good thing if you have diverse tastes. Mine are probably not as diverse as necessary to fully enjoy her music, but her newest album, Through Being Mean, has some good, fairly accessible songs, and none of them are bad. Only In My Dreams is something of a cabaret-pop song with violins, and my favorite on the album for both the jazzy singing and this lyric: “But when I’m asleep, I insist that you exist only in my dreams.” It seems I am becoming a sappy bastard in my old age! Another standout is Avoidance Techniques which is also something of a cabaret-pop song, but with a lot of guitars as well, and then a saxophone kicks in at the end. It’s not as overwhelmingly strange as it might sound, though. You can download the rest of the album on her webpage, too.


From Through Being Mean
Only In My Dreams – (MP3, 4.3 MB)
Avoidance Techniques – (MP3, 6.8 MB)