Note: This band is apparently in the process of making a new website, which means they took all their stuff down, which means… I’ll re-host the files… sometime. Sorry for the inconvenience.

This post marks another first for this intrepid blog: an actual entry in the metal category! There probably won’t be many other entries in this category, so savor them while you can. 8 Foot Sativa is the most consistently heavy metal band I’ve heard that doesn’t devolve into the ugly mess that is death metal. That is, there are pounding riffs, pounding drums, and screaming, but you can make out a few words in the songs. Either way, it’s good stuff, if you are a metal type of person. You might want to stick their first two albums, however; their third is horrendous, and they’ve got a new singer for the fourth, which is never a good sign.


From Season For Assault
Season For Assault – (MP3, 1.9 MB)

From 8 Foot Sativa
8 Foot Sativa – (MP3, 1.6 MB)

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  • Destined to Be Dead is another favourite of mine; not sure what album that’s off though.

  • Aye, that’s a good one too, off of Season For Assault.

  • EL

    Is Slayer and Metallica tooooo mainstream? I might make the suggestions of: Dream Theater, Testament, Exodus, Porcupine Tree.. Merely suggestions though, and not necessarily requests. Anyway..

  • I have never seen so much commenting in my life, at least by one person. :O Slayer and Metallica have never really been up my alley, though they’ve got a few songs I like. The same thing with Porcupine Tree, some good stuff, but a lot of it doesn’t suit me. I didn’t like Dream Theater at all, but I’m in the minority on that opinion… and I’ve never heard of Testament or Exodus, so will check them out later. WHEW.