When you have a collapsed lung like I do, you don’t really want to listen to exciting music that makes you want to dance around like a drunk hooligan. You want to listen to stuff that you can enjoy while you’re just sitting there, which basically limits your choices to downtempo and folk. Since I tend to redefine “downtempo” as “boring,” I’ll take the folk anytime. Besides, it is no secret that I have a thing for female folk singers, especially the ones who have superb singing abilities. The most recent singer I have found fitting this bill is Lauren Shera, a young lass out of California. I find it pretty incredible that she’s so young and still so talented of a singer, and she’s no slacker when it comes to writing songs, either. When she sings “In the graveyard by the ocean is where I laid my baby down, six feet undergroooooouuuund” on Bloodlust, it is all but impossible to not fall in love with her. While it would seem the general populace is clueless about her, other musicians are not; she’s opened for Kristin Hersh, Vashti Bunyan, and The Ditty Bops, among others.


From In My Bones
Hands Of A Pirate – (MP3, 4.1 MB)
Bloodlust – (MP3, 5.4 MB)