When I don’t write on here in a while, it usually means I’ve lost my normally impassioned love of music for the time being. Or I’m just lazy. This time, it is a combination of both. Either way, here is a post that may help to quench your thirst for musical knowledge. For our more devoted followers, it is no secret that I have a thing for ladies with sexy voices. On that note, Saint Bernadette‘s singer is a sexy brunette with a soulful voice that makes my heart weep from pure, unadulterated joy. If that wasn’t enough (and it is for me), the songs themselves are similar enough to be catchy but not so much that they make you lose interest quickly. The ones from their new EP, I Wanna Tell You Something, are easily my favorites, but the ones from their debut, In The Ballroom, are no slouches either! All in all, a very enjoyable musical experience.


From I Wanna Tell You Something
Love Is A Stranger – (MP3, 4.3 MB)
One In A Million – (MP3, 4 MB)

From In The Ballroom
I Own The City – (MP3, 3.1 MB)
Sidestep – (MP3, 2.9 MB)