If I’m ever going to get through this backlog of bands I enjoy to post, I’m going to have start… posting more of them! So for the next few days at least, enjoy some double-post days. First up is The Pity Party, who are not just any band in LA. No, they were selected as the best band in LA by LA Weekly. I take that entirely at face value, because doing otherwise would cause me to delve into LA Weekly’s musical tastes, and indeed full-bore paranoia. Anyhoo, this is another tough one to pigeonhole. Love Lies is a song that can only be referred to as scrumtrilescent, and singer Heisenflei’s vocals on it melt my heart every time I listen to it. The song sounds very much like something out of 90s alternative, with a teensy bit of electronics thrown in for effect. Bottom Of The Hole is a different beast entirely, unless 90s alternative songs had such dark piano playing, and I submit that they did not!

If all that wasn’t mind-blowing enough for you, these songs are at 320 kbps, which is pretty impressive for a free band offering, so kudos!


From Orgy Porgy
Love Lies – (MP3, 12.6 MB)
Bottom Of The Hole – (MP3, 9.9 MB)