Dreamy female vocals woven among electronica and various instruments. Definitely not my type of music, but after buying it on a whim for a couple dollars from the best record store ever, I felt, as usual with my random purchases, compelled to at least try to like it. Luckily, I didn’t have to go much further than the first track, Black Cat Bone, before I pretty much fell to the charm. It’s a song good enough to get a dude who’s not a fan of the genre at all to like it anyway.

There are a few points where things seemed stretched out a bit (a few songs over seven minutes, and while I don’t mind long songs, sometimes it felt repetitive), but the rest of the album is solid and enjoyable. Apparently they’ve got a bunch other albums and they might even be well known but what do I know? I buy cds because of historical allusions in their names.

Also, these two songs are supposed to be available through their site, but the links don’t work so here ya go!


From Good Looking Blues
Black Cat Bone – (MP3, 6.2 MB)
Uneasy – (MP3, 7.0 MB)