Now that Australia is snuggled under doonas and getting toasty by the heater, I find myself looking towards the warmer seasons. Isn’t it always the case? In the scorching heat of summer, you can’t imagine what winter is like, but you know you want it, and vice-versa in winter. Perhaps that’s why I’m drawn to Triptides’ recently released Tropical Dreams EP (which, incidently, was recorded in winter): it’s the kind of music that you’d love to hear when that warm summer breeze comes a’callin’ at a quiet, local beach.

Ok, I will dispense with the poetry, but I will say that Triptides plays some smooth, mellow surf rock that, despite not quite disguising its lo-fi origins (it was recorded ‘in a basement and a bedroom’ on a four track), feels warm and friendly. Yay!

Yet again, no downloadable media, but that’s alright because I again present the entire album to stream! If you like it, you could be a total pal and hand over some money for it too, with the totally awesome price of pay what you want. Just don’t be a royal douche by putting in “-$2000”.


From Tropical Dreams
So Long to Sunshine
Diving Board