So I’ve never heard of Danger Mouse or Daniele Luppi (and for the purposes of this post, I will assume you haven’t either), but I’d wager a bet that you’ve heard of Norah Jones and Jack White? The latter of which being half of the White Stripes and the former being, well, Norah Jones? Perhaps that means you think you know what’s coming, given that they have graced a couple of tracks with their vocal talents for the album Rome, but you’d be entirely wrong.

Rome can be best be described as a kind of concept album, made to emulate the the classic scores of spaghetti westerns (most notably, the scores of Ennio Morricone). These old scores had a vivid warmness to the quality of the recording, as well as a brooding, kind of mysterious desert aura to them as well, all of which has been replicated wonderfully in this album. Having said that, the compositions themselves feel modern at the same time, meaning there’ll be something on this release that’ll grab you: I am most fond of Norah Jones’ contributions, as they are substantially removed from her usual repertoire but are still a perfect match for her vocal talents. Even Jack White’s work is good, despite me not being a particularly big fan of his.

So yes! It is certainly an interesting album. As lame as it is to say this, it’s definitely an album that’ll take you on a journey. Oh, and anyone using Google Chrome: check this out.

From Rome
Black – (YouTube)
Roman Blue – (YouTube)