I didn’t really listen to much 80s music growing up because my mom, in her infinite wisdom, decided it wasn’t much of a decade for good music. She’s more of a golden oldies and classical kind of gal, you see. However, she probably just listened to Bon Jovi and decided “no thanks!” I feel that if she listened to some Depeche Mode, she’d… well, she’d probably still say “no thanks!” If there was ever a point to any of my writing other than filling space, it’s that Bon Jovi sucks and Depeche Mode kicks ass. I don’t care if Violator came out in 1990, they are still an 80s band in my mind. They are the first electronic band I ever listened to, and still the most scrumtrilescent one I’ve listened to.

Policy Of Truth by Depeche Mode on Grooveshark