I find myself in the same dilemma that m’colleague, Hugh, was in the other day with regards to not being able to accurately categorise a tune. Though it’s somewhat more shameful for me, because I have actually done some music study, and occasionally play instruments! I guess this tune is free-form jazz done with rocking guitars instead of rocking saxophones? I guess the Alternative tag will do.

Though it does take a while to get going, when it does it’s plenty moody – like a lot of good jazz. Aw heck, I’ll add it under jazz as well! Though Wikipedia says its math rock, which is kind of blowing my mind.

FYI: This group is now known as PVT, but this song was released when they were still called Pivot. Also, I cannot find a place where you can download/buy this tune. Sorry!

Incidental Backcloth by Pivot on Grooveshark