I meant to write about Dengue Fever a few years ago, but due to my advanced procrastination skills, that did not happen. Until now! Their music blends Cambodian pop with psychedelic rock for a sound that works surprisingly well. This song is from their semi-recent album, Venus On Earth, one of my favorites of theirs. It’s sung in Cambodian, so gosh knows what the heck she’s saying, but she sings it wonderfully and the music is intricate guitar heaven.

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Monsoon of Perfume by Dengue Fever on Grooveshark


  • Man, it’s basically Hotel California!

  • I don’t hear it myself, but the Internet seems to agree with you. 😛

  • Sing the opening verse to Hotel California during this song’s intro. They match almost perfectly!

  • Dave Malkus

    Hotel California? This is
    something else. Nimol’s best and so all of them’s best. I don’t know Khmer either, but it makes my eyes wet. Pure music that goes straight to the heart. I have to play it at least once a day. I love these guys.

  • Oh, it certainly stands apart from Hotel California, but it’s definitely the same chords!