Look at this crazy new design! I did all of the work on it, and by all of the work, I mean, uhm, none of it. Close enough, right? That AJ sure is one crazy cat.

My hard drive died about 5 years ago, and one of my backup discs didn’t work, so everything that started with A-E was gone to the ages. I haven’t bothered downloading all of that music again, and actually ended up buying a bunch of CDs to fill the gaps. But a few months ago, I noticed that I hadn’t downloaded OR bought anything by Bright Eyes, which is weird, since I really like them (their latest few albums notwithstanding). Some may not appreciate the vocals which can indeed get a bit whiny at times, but it’s not like it’s Fallout Boy or anything. The music and the lyrics actually took talent to create! Anyway, this is probably one of my favorites of theirs, so enjoy!

Something Vague by Bright Eyes on Grooveshark