We had an email drop into our inbox the other day (addressed to Hugh but WHOOPS I GUESS I READ YOUR MAIL, BUDDY) from Afor Gashum, that described the group as a “leftfield, innovative shoegaze/post-punk band based in Tel Aviv”. I pretty much missed all of that (and the rest of the email) when I saw the word ‘shoegaze’: be still, my beating heart!

Shoegazing this album most assuredly is, to my delight. It’s full of the wailing guitars and fuzz-heavy bass that I do enjoy so much. Intriguingly, a lot of this album is performed in Hebrew, a language that I can’t say I’ve come across all too much in music. It truly does warm my heart that we live in a world where I can listen to fantastic music from all over the globe, and enjoy the heck out of it even if I don’t understand what’s being sung.