Those who follow this blog religiously (no one) will know that I have a little more than a passing infatuation with You Are Plural. Adoration, mirthful joy, and unbridled love would probably better describe it. I’ve been listening to Rabbit Rabbit for months now, waiting for album pre-orders to go live, and they finally have! On vinyl too, which makes me all giddy, being the hipster that I am.

The new album looks set to continue their unique combination of Wurlitzer organ and cello, but if Rabbit Rabbit is any indication, it looks like a few more uptempo tunes may be on the cards. Thankfully, it remains as elegant and beautiful as ever. Despite the fact the entire album is currently at my disposal, I’ll be waiting until the vinyl version ships in November before I listen to it. So fare ye warned, readers: there’ll be more in November!