What a manic couple of weeks! Thankfully, it has now quietened down, so I can get back to delivering wise words of aural pleasure to you all.

I arrived home late last night after an interstate flight and was welcomed by the delivery of the vinyl edition of Rabbit Rabbit, You Are Plural’s first full album. Giddy as I was, I ignored my fatigue and quickly loaded it up and was met with this song, the opening track. After a couple of weeks of very busy days and a lot of thinking and pondering, it was the perfect song to fall asleep with.

My earlier prediction about a more uptempo feel for the album has proven to be correct: there is a vivaciousness to it that is wonderfully infectious, but it at no point departs from the serene beauty that flowed throughout their previous releases. Methinks you have a life-long fan on your hands, You Are Plural!