You may or may not be surprised to find out that I put in next to no effort anytime I post on this here website. Yet, it’s still a difficult job! I mean, I have to find a song we haven’t posted about yet (we’ve done over 900 posts, which leaves only 2.5 billion potential song choices), and then I have to tell you about it! Sheer torture, I tell you. As such, sometimes I outsource the job of finding music to my minions. I mean friends.

Today’s song comes to us courtesy of my friend, Mani, and it is quite a stunning piece of music. Coeur De Pirate is the stage name of Canandian singer Béatrice Martin. While she’s yet to make a huge impact outside of her native country, it’s hard to see that becoming a tradition with this song, a cover of the Bon Iver track. Soaring, hauntingly beautiful, and elegantly simple.