Oh ho, I see how it is! I leave this blog for a mere few months and someone thinks they can come along and post whatever they want! Well, the joke’s on you, sir! Somehow!

Allow me, if you please, to claw back some dignity with a tune recommended to me by my friend, Adele (no, not that Adele – all she does is recommend her own music, annoyingly). I have a bit of a love/hate relationship with Jack White, whose output tends to seesaw from brilliant (Love is Blindness – heavenly and haunting) to bizarrely woeful (Another Way to Die – be quiet, White, and let Alicia Keys sing, damnit!). Adele helpfully pointed me towards another example of the former via The Raconteurs (or, oddly enough, The Saboteurs if you live in Australia), a Detroit-based supergroup of which White is a member. It’s an absolutely cracking bit of garage rock, with White’s vocals lending it just a hint of psychedelic mystery to go along with its general wildness!