Guys, I think we can all agree that 2016 has been a bit sucky. In particular, last week was just… yeesh. But hey folks, let me tell you a story. Last week, on the night of that… result, I went out to an improv comedy show and had many laffs. I went to a bar afterwards, where the patrons were all united under a song request night – all sorts of music flowed and everybody had a great time. Come closing time, one of the bartenders announced that the last song was what we all needed that night, and promptly started this one. And he was totally right! We all got into a circle – friends, strangers, staff – and sang our little hearts out.

Without getting all wishy-washy with feelings, it just proves that animosity can only stretch so far. So if you’re feeling blue, I highly recommend getting into a circle and letting two lions, a meerkat and a wart hog serenade you.