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Despite its status as a generic surname, “Smith” seems to be an indicator of supreme quality in the world of music. Patti Smith, Elliott Smith, The Smiths… having said that, I bet that if I included Smith in my own band name, I’d instantaneously ruin the streak.

What on earth can I say about Patti Smith that hasn’t been said in a far more intelligent manner elsewhere? Not much, unfortunately! Patti Smith is, of course, a music powerhouse, and while I’d like to know more about her, it will be abundantly clear that I know nothing if I continue to write. As such, allow me to introduce this rather wild and randy blues track from her second album: just let it play and ignore the drivel I have written!

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You may or may not be surprised to find out that I put in next to no effort anytime I post on this here website. Yet, it’s still a difficult job! I mean, I have to find a song we haven’t posted about yet (we’ve done over 900 posts, which leaves only 2.5 billion potential song choices), and then I have to tell you about it! Sheer torture, I tell you. As such, sometimes I outsource the job of finding music to my minions. I mean friends.

Today’s song comes to us courtesy of my friend, Mani, and it is quite a stunning piece of music. Coeur De Pirate is the stage name of Canandian singer BĂ©atrice Martin. While she’s yet to make a huge impact outside of her native country, it’s hard to see that becoming a tradition with this song, a cover of the Bon Iver track. Soaring, hauntingly beautiful, and elegantly simple.

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Funkalicious! It is most certainly the only word that will pop into your head as soon as the brass of this tune pop in. Yes, it is time for some funky, cool jazz, the kind that all you hepcats out there will no doubt dig.

As evidenced by my use of the word ‘hepcat’ there, it’s clear that I am not exactly clued in on the world of jazz. My research tells me that the Japanese-born Takuya Kuroda calls Brooklyn in the good ol’ US of A home, and has performed with many prominent jazz artists. Rising Son, off the album of the same name, is as smooth and slick as you’d want jazz to be, but also carries a hint of urban/street style swagger.

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Oh my goodness, a lot of great music has dropped into my inbox lately. I am not worthy of such delightfulness. But I’ll sure as heck take it anyway!

Angela Moyra has the kind of voice and compositional qualities that will just make your heart melt into a pile of pure, unadulterated, sugary delight. Draw a Picture carries a folky-pop aesthetic, with an utterly wonderful chorus – something about those chords and melody and the way they pop in when they do makes me giddy. Couple that with some very pretty lyrics, and you’ve got a recipe for certified gold.

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Ah, the 60s. What an era! I grew up with the sounds of the 60s, but being a child of the 90s meant I didn’t grow up with the, uh, culture of the 60s. Being a child of the 90s meant I had no idea who actually performed this song (for the longest while, I thought it was Rod Stewart because the vocals sounded sort of similar), and also meant that I had to endure the inevitably atrocious cover.

Nothing screams psychedelica more than that groovy flange effect used in the bridges. In fact, it’s this particular effect (and the name of the song) that stuck in my mind more so than the less than child-friendly lyrics, thankfully.

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Christian Punk Band are a self-described loud rock band that hail from Toronto. And, just to make their name even more literal, the Christian bit comes from frontman Christian Turner. Clever! Superdown is a fine road-tripping song: great beat, fuzzy guitars and catchy hooks aplenty. They even manage to squeeze in some do-wop in the backup vocals as well, which I quite adore.

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Saturdays are for inadvertently waking up early, realising that it’s the weekend, and then doing a little dance in bed to celebrate. Of course, having a suitably poptacular tune to dance along to is ideal, so here’s one I prepared earlier.

For those who like to keep up with the exploits of the Bluth family, this tune may sound quite familiar, as it bookended the last episode of season 4 (her father being David Schwartz, composer for the show). Boomerang is some delightfully catchy pop with a thumping beat (though not one that’s irritatingly piercing, thankfully). It is the perfect song to get your bed-ridden groove on with!

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Friday is a day to continue being completely and utterly smitten with Pisces. My incoherent rambling yesterday did no justice to her, and no doubt today won’t either.

The ‘her’ in the previous sentence refers to Ms. Sarah Negahdari of LA indie group The Happy Hollows, of which Pisces is her solo side project. From what I’ve heard so far, there’s quite the dose of ethereality to her tunes, which is demonstrated quite nicely in the vaguely country-ish Glen Echo. I am going to buy the absolute heck out of this album!

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Thursday are for taking a deep breath and gazing at the sunset with a sweetheart. I have none of those things right now (curse you, morning!), but on the off chance the stars align, I have the perfect song for it!

Being a member of the fishy, celestial brethren myself, I felt I could not ignore an artist with the same name. Though, as I am an ethical music writer of words, it takes more than a flimsy name link to get me to post about something. Thankfully, Being With You is an achingly lovely piece of folk pop, with a rather delectable smattering of dreaminess. It is relaxing, sweet, and (hopefully) something that brings a pleasant smile to your face.

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Wednesdays are for waking up and thinking “holy hell, why is it only Wednesday!?”. Ol’ Ziggy Stardust here clearly knows what I’m on about, because he’s written me a song title that sums the situation up quite nicely.

I’ve been a bit neglectful in my Bowie intake, but I’m at least getting the minimum recommended daily dosage. It Ain’t Easy is built around the contrast between the almost Dylan-esque, folky verses and the semi-psychedelic, balls out 70s rock of the chorus. It’s a lifter of spirits, that’s for sure!

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