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Slick, but undeniably charming pop? I will take two servings of that, thank you very much! Allow me to introduce you to Caitlin Park, an Australian, self-described dabbler in “folktronica”, which is a just the best genre mash-up word I’ve ever heard. The actual content of that genre is similarly wonderful: who would’ve thought that folk and electronic would come together in such wonderful harmony? A miracle in the same vein as bacon and waffles, no doubt.

Anyway, here is Lemonade, off her most recent release, The Sleeper, and it is a most delightful tune. Perhaps one that can lift your spirits! I do hope that Ms. Park really takes off as an artist, because this music is far too lovely to remain hidden on silly, obscure blogs like this one.

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Awwwwwww, hells yeah! Ms. Washington’s album is now available for your aural pleasure, and I highly suggest you go out and buy it. And I’m not even being paid to say that!

Here is a track off that new album, which should explode in your face with a slew of 80s sensibilities. It is an incredibly catchy ditty, graced with her sublime singing that still blows me away.

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We mentioned Remi the other day in our post on the Avalanches, and since I am lazy, I thought I should post about them a few days later. I am nothing if predictable! Anyway, as I mentioned in that post, Remi is an Australian hip-hop artist. He seems to play a good mix of the smoother hip-hop that I quite like and the more a-typical stuff that I don’t quite like. Can’t win them all!

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Yeah yeah, we’ve posted about the Avalanches before. But that was with our old posting style! Besides, you’re not the boss of me! Get off my back!

Thankfully, the Avalanches have not lost any of their brilliance since releasing their one and (currently) only album back in 2001. Sheesh, has it seriously been 13 years since this song came out? Good golly, they better have one hell of a follow-up album on the way. Anyhoo, since it would be remiss of me to simply post about a song/band that we’ve kind of covered before, I’ve dropped in a rather fantastic cover of the song by the Australian hip-hop artist, REMI. It is not a particularly easy song to cover, but this version is completely amazing, thanks to a willingness to divert from the source material at appropriate times.

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I am a sucker for stop-motion animation; there’s something inherently charming about seeing physical, normally inanimate objects come to life. Now it seems that Wagons have had the good grace to attach a corking bit of dirty blues rock to some stop-motion animation, so I am now, obviously, drooling uncontrollably.

Wagons are an Australian outfit playing mostly rock and Americana and good gosh they are fantastic. Just go and listen to the song below, and know that there is a small Australian tour coming up quite soon that your ears would most definitely benefit from attending.

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Given that I am partial to the allure of somewhat dark country music, I am most surprised that I have not given the music of Ms. Welch a thorough looking at. Or hearing at. Then again, perhaps I shouldn’t be surprised: I am not a good music writer!

Anyway, here is a track off her recent album, The Harrow and the Harvest. It’s pretty sparse in its instrumentation and composition, but boy, it is a magnificently toe-tapping good time. Those harmonies get me every darn time!

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Australia! Home of many things, including little ol’ me. Also home to many fine musicians, of which I certifiably do not post enough about! So, allow me to introduce you to the quite new Tulane with their quite lovely tune, But I Say. I get quite a Daughter vibe from this track. Daughter is ok, I guess. I mean, it’s not like I said I’d marry one of their songs if it were physically manifested as a girl. That’d be crazy!

Seeing as how I am totally just ok with Daughter and not completely fixated on them, I find myself in a similar situation with Tulane. How can I not be? There’s most certainly a lovely warmth and gentleness to this track that belies the “miserable” tag that’s been applied to it on Soundcloud.

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This song made the rounds a few years ago now, but that’s ok: stuff that’s good and popular at some point in history has that status in perpetuity. I mean, the Macarena is just as amazing now as it was back- oh darn.

Thankfully, Pack Up has retained it’s indelible goodness, what with its pleasing joyfulness and charm. It’s a toe-tapping, head-nodding, body-shaking good time, that’s for darn sure.

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Even if you live in the middle of a bubbling cesspit of grime and filth, putting on some classic blues will make the joint feel like the classiest lounge in the world. It really is the best way to kick back after a hard day on the job, whatever that job may be. Guaranteed to put you at ease! You know, unless you hate blues. BEGONE.

Anyway, allow me to welcome back the queen (well, one of them) of blues: Julie London. She’s featured on here before, where I made a note to buy an EP or two. Well, I’ve done just that, and it was totally worth it: I’m having trouble typing this post on account of how gosh darned chilled out I am.

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I do love happy coincidences. A friend of mine recommended this track to me, and being the credible music journalist that I totally am, I did some research on Mr. Laurance only to discover that he is a member of the New York-based jazz collection, Snarky Puppy, of whom we’ve posted about before. Does… does this mean we’re cool and on the pulse of what’s hip and in? I’m going to assume yes!

This is some very slick jazz indeed, mixing in some synth pop and downtempo for added bite and flavour. This is, perhaps, a little more spicy than what Snarky Puppy output, in case you need a rubbish comparison of some kind, though the piano kind of reminds me of Tagged under: ,