Something We Heard Before

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When I first heard this song, I could’ve sworn that I’d heard it before. Turns out, I sort of had: it’s pretty danged similar to Primal Scream’s Movin’ on Up, which features on the same album that this song is on. But you can’t have too much of a good thing, right??? It smacks of that fun period of 90s music, the one that wasn’t entirely filled with complete rubbish. Very pleasing, funky, feel good music. A tad repetitive, yes, but chuck it on in the background and groove away, my friend!

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Who likes electronic funk? That’s right, everyone! Allow me to introduce David Holmes, an Irish musician and composer, who is probably most famous for the work he did on the Ocean’s trilogy. Now, if you liked the music in those films (very slick, very funky, and very damn cool), then you’ll most assuredly like this song as it pretty much sounds like a missing composition from the soundtrack. It’s time to strut, people!

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Boy howdy, I haven’t written about Neko Case in ages. Well, to be fair, I haven’t written anything about anyone in ages. I beg for clemency, oh humble reader! Seeing as it is most definitely a tragedy to not fill pages with prose about how gosh-danged brilliant Ms. Case is, I shall attempt to avert such a disaster.

City Swans heralds from her most recent album, The Worse Things Get, The Harder I Fight, The Harder I Fight, The More I Love You (isn’t that just the most bittersweet album title ever?), and is completely drenched in her effortlessly lovely country stylings. If you’ve liked ol’ Neko’s sound in the past, then you’re bound to like this. And if you haven’t heard any of her output before? Shame on you.

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Yes, I watched Her, like the hipster that I am. It really is quite the lovely film though! It has a quiet, contemplative air about it, which is occasionally graced with moments of passion. Much like this song, which featured in its soundtrack. Interestingly enough, it’s a song that sounds just as delightful in reverse as it does being played in the usual manner: chilled, thoughtful and rather pretty.

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Hey, remember those times where I would post daily? Those were the days! Yes, I am a monumental idiot, but do you have any idea how difficult it is to write 2 barely coherent sentences about a single song every day? It’s just ridiculous! It’s literally up there with the difficulty I have in tying my own shoe laces and ensuring I walk out of the house with pants on.

But enough of that. Onto the music, and cor, this is some rippin’ alternative country! It is, perhaps, a little more skewed toward pure country than what I usually tolerate, but there’s something beautifully alluring about it. It’s simple and dreamy, and it’ll send you right over to that mystical desert at night that I am quite fond of.

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Now, here’s something quite delightful and interesting. Delightful because since when is happy folk anything but delightful; and interesting because it does it in a way that isn’t the same as every other happy folk song ever. It is, perhaps, the bees knees, though I do wonder what is meant by that phrase. Is there something outstanding about the knees of a bee? Regardless, this is charming as all heck, so I deem it to be the worthy recipient of many bees knees.

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Egad, peeps. I’ve been waiting for this song to be released ever since I heard it used in the trailer for Transistor back in May last year. But the waiting has paid off, because both the game and its soundtrack have been released! Rejoice!

Darren and Ashley have featured on either/or before for their work on the Bastion soundtrack. This new track follows a similar thread to their previous efforts, only with far less country and far more drums and bass. Have at it, fellow readers!

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I can almost hear this song being performed by some radio-friendly pop artist. If they’d jammed it full of electronic instrumentation, some auto-tune and daft, overwrought lyrics, it’d fit in rather nicely. Thankfully, they’ve instead jammed it full of pleasing brass, piano and drums, natural vocals and some endearingly lovely lyrics. Portland has saved pop music yet again! It is quite the sweet little tune, with just the right collection of perfect, humble components.

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I’d like to think that I know enough about music to recognise the 12 bar blues pattern. Everyone who listens to music has probably heard it at some point: between it and the four-chord progression, you’re looking at the basis for quite a large collection of tunes. The trick is to take those oft-repeated structures and make them hella interesting, to which Graveyard Train has done with this song. And rather admirably!

A spirited, dark country twang mixed with some quietly gruff singing and simple lyrics makes this song compulsively listenable. Man, look at me throwing all these fancy words around! All you really need to know is that it is totally rad and that you should totally listen to it right now.

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Sometimes, we all need some rockin’ fun in our lives. The musical kind of rockin’ fun, that is. And you know what that means: Canada to the rescue!

Here is a tight little spot of pop rock, which, to me, harks back to the 90s. Ah, the 90s. How I wasted it listening to so much terrible music. Anyway, this tune brings with it a far sharper sensibility than the sometimes mopey rock of the 90s. And it’s a delightful example of the aforementioned rockin’ fun, so get that head of yours a-bangin’!

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