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At some point, everyone needs music in their life that suggests that even though sexy times are not imminent per sé, the area where this music is playing is most certainly a good candidate for sexy times. You know, Barry White without the… uh… Barry White. Long story short, here is some of that music!

Cohenbeats is Israel-based DJ, Michael Cohen, who is clearly starting to make a name for himself with his deliciously smooth beat work. There’s plenty to like in this simple track, particularly in the fact that it’s slick and undeniably cool. Put it on at your next soirée (it must be a soirée; a simple party will not do) and let it turn you into the hep cat you always knew you were.

Rap is thoroughly underrepresented here on either/or, but there’s a very good reason for that: I am thoroughly uncool. Were I enrolled in an American high school in the 90s, I would be the guy hanging from the flagpole by his underwear. Of course, nowadays it’s a totally different story, considering I run a very successful music blog.

Here’s a tune from the Minneapolis outfit, Atmosphere, that almost takes a leaf out of the book of doo-wop before launching into a kick-ass beat and rap. Great rhymes with a smooth beat and tune – I can definitely get behind stuff like this! I can feel myself getting cooler already…

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We mentioned Remi the other day in our post on the Avalanches, and since I am lazy, I thought I should post about them a few days later. I am nothing if predictable! Anyway, as I mentioned in that post, Remi is an Australian hip-hop artist. He seems to play a good mix of the smoother hip-hop that I quite like and the more a-typical stuff that I don’t quite like. Can’t win them all!

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Being a pasty, nerdy white guy, I obviously know everything about rap. All the things. Yep, I know it all. Totally.

Anyway, if our scant count of 22 rap/hip-hop posts (well, 23 now) isn’t enough of an indication, I am not particularly well-versed in the genre, or even that fond of it. But every now and then, something pops out of the blue for me to enjoy, and enjoy it I do! It sounds vaguely Eminem-esque, but without the mostly rubbish lyrics. So yeah. Get down. And stuff.

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Michael Franti from Spearhead has featured on either/or before, but it’s safe to say that it was a little different to what I’m bringing you today. From a classic soul tune to something that, while inspired by soul, feels totally different. And in a good way! Would it be weird to call this lusciously smooth? It is, you say? Well dang, I’m going to go with it anyway, because that’s what it is!

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I’m not entirely sure if this constitutes as ‘classic’ rap, but it sure as hell is a blast from the past. I heard it the other night and had my mind blown with nostalgic thoughts.

Our dear friend Skee-Lo did not exactly go on to the dizzying heights of greatness after releasing this song, but that’s ok! He’s been immortalised in the hallowed halls of the either/or database, an honour that is in no way dubious or pointless.

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It’s my pal Sarah’s birthday today! Hooray! And because she’s such a pal, I let her choose the song for today. That’s right, it’s a birthday present that I didn’t spend a single cent on.

I’m glad I let her too, because never have I heard such insightful lyrics! Allow me to demonstrate:

Her pussy so good I bought her a pet
Anyway, every day I’m trying to get to it
Got her saved in my phone under “Big Booty”

Oh Jason, you certainly know the way to a lady’s heart!

The tune itself is fairly standard fare for rap, though there is a slight middle-eastern vibe to it (and some delightful brass work in there too). Also, I’d like to think that in the image below, Jason is saying “Food goes in here”.

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It has been, I think, far too long since I found some bitchin’ downtempo beats to groove along to. Sacrilege, I know. So here are some beats from 1998, to keep you on top of the times.

I’m always pleasantly surprised when music doesn’t convey what era it was made in, this song being a fine example. Granted, it’s plenty simple as a composition, but it’s also damn fine.

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AJ wants to write a post about some dang ‘ol rap, eh? Well, here is some more dang ‘ol rap. It is about bitches, hos, and the like, so this will probably not be AJ’s thing at all. But hey, it is a pretty good rap song, so whatever!

Beautiful Life Ft. Aqua by Shawn Anthony on Grooveshark

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I may be getting into more and more rap and hip/hop these days, but I do have my limits. Some delightful friends of mine decided to link me to this the other day, which is quite possibly the worst song I’ve ever heard. I’d rather listen to a cover version of the Macarena done by Alvin and his little, irritating rat-faced brothers than listen to Rack Rack City again.

The original version of Bitches Ain’t Shit probably has to go into the ‘do not want’ category as well, if only for the lyrics alone. And yet, when Ben Folds puts a melancholic, indie-rock spin on the song, it becomes perfectly delightful and entertaining. Even hilarious! After all, when you’re hearing lyrics like “lick all these nuts and suck the dick”, accompanied by a gentle piano and sung in a very gentle way by a nerdy white guy, you can’t help but laugh. Also, it’s probably weird that I know the lyrics off by heart, thanks to this song. I just don’t sing it out loud.