From my previous posts, one would conclude that I am not, in fact, a ska-whore, which would be incorrect. I will attempt to remedy this by actually posting ska bands.

The Parka Kings are like a basket of fun. Bouncy guitars, lots of horns, fun lyrics. The vocals are right on the edge of sloppy, though leaning more towards passionate, which is just the best way to have them. They slow things down a bit for some dub, but generally their pace is just right.

They have dissolved long ago, but all of their music can be downloaded from their site — be warned though, it is a Geocities site, and it has background music. Of course, after you listen to to Slow Me Down or the piratey Midnight Sails, you will be willing to deal with any number of animated gifs.


From Bienvenidos!
City Limits – (MP3, 2.2 MB)
Midnight Sails – (MP3, 3.1 MB)
Slow Me Down – (MP3, 2.4 MB)
One by One – (MP3, 3.3 MB)